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Oct 24, 2002
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The following two sites were created almost a year ago as a partnership between a friend of mine and myself. We have since become diverted by other aspects of our life and don't have mutual time to work and promote them. Payment via PayPal is preferred but not required. Both sites are currently being offered on muliple forums.

Site #1 - HitVendor.com

Hitvendor is a 100% custom coded advertising network similar to MarketBanker except that it offers a pay-per-click option (more detail of functionality can be found on the main page).

We worked with a programmer that I am very familiar with to make the site. Upon sale I will disclose details of the programmer as you could affordably add functionality with his services if needed.

The site is templated and has a fully operational backend that will handle payments via 2Checkout or Paypal, account management, configuration changes, page changes and just about anything else you need.

The site took about 6 months to develop. It has had little promotion since inception and practically none in the past 5 months but has generated a few hundred dollars since creation.

The site has:
135 registered members.
PR 4
Currently uses about 300 mb bandwith/month.

I recently moved servers so unfortunately I don't have all the stats. This site started around November of 2003. Here is a link to the stats for the past month+.

I own 100% of this code which I will pass to the seller. This could be used as the site itself or could do VERY well sold as a script.

The site took over 6 months and $1200 to develop so please make offers accordingly. Please only make offers via PM.

Site #2 - Nowzer.com

Nowzer.com is a PPC search engine that has been online for about 10 months. It has had very, very little promotion besides forum signatures. It hasn't made any significant revenue to speak of but really has a lot of potential for someone willing to put some time into it.
It has a very cool name and is running on one of the best PPC scripts.

The site is using the SmartPPC script $250 (www.smartppc.com ) which is very good and a SearchFeed feed $50 (more are available). I strongly encourage you to check out the demo on the SmartPPC site. I have also gotten the owner of SmartPPC to do some custom work to allow free submissions which you can rank below all others. I have confirmed with SmartPPC that the site can be sold and they would only have to make a free update to change the script encryption to the IP address of your server.

This site has:
56 members
PR 4

Stats are the same case as above but the site has been online for about 10 months.

The site has taken over $500 to develop so please make offers accordingly. Please only make offers via PM.

Thank you,
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