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2000 uniques/week - site for sale!

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Aug 3, 2004
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www.coolblueperformance.com is for sale!

We have over 2000 uniques a week. Averaging 215 uniques per day. There are currently only 325 or so "members" with accounts online. We have done OVER 3000 ORDERS in 5 months. Monthly revenue is averaging right at $6100 profit, however, you have to consider the 1st month was only $4800 as we were not setup with all of our vendors. Each mnoth there after it has increased very nicely. We made a net profit of OVER $8,000 last month. We mad $3,000 profit LAST WEEK. The company is generating great amount of profit, but alot of orders to come over the telephone due to the high dollar value of what we sell.
The site also now offers advertising and we have setup 3 advertisers at 50.00/month each.
The monthly fees for the business are $100 for the website hosting, $80 for the vonage "local" and "toll free" phone system, about 150.00 on advertising. Thats about it.

Please PM any offers.
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