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38 Nice Food & Beverage Domains in 4 Extensions - Includes MyWineShop.com

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Jul 15, 2002
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Here is a new SALE list featuring 38 Food & Beverage domains in 4 different extensions. Prices expire 48 HOURS from the time of this post. All domains come with a free push at the registrar indicated (expiration dates are also shown). Where Overture numbers are shown, the figure is for the word or term without extension.

Food & Beverage


1-800Gourmet.com $35
Net & Org both registered for years to come! (Fabulous 10/28/2004)

MyWineShop.com $199
I’ve had several inquiries on this one. (Dotster 5/15/2004)

Neopolitans.com $49
Popular European chocolates (also residents of Naples, Italy!) Net & Org both taken. (Enom 01/09/05)

SurplusFood.com $39
Dotster 11/22/04


BestCoffee.info $39
Everybody loves good coffee! (EV1Servers 12/3/2004)

BrownSugar.info $39
Over 11,000 in OT - Dotster 01/04/05

CoffeeHouse.info $149
Over 22,000 in OT. Enom 12/04/04

FineWine.info $299
Namescout 11/14/04

OrganicFarms. Info $39
Enom 03/17/05

PinotNoir.info $49
Over 500,000 page refs at Google. EV1 11/15/04

RootBeer.info $149
Enom 12/04/04

VinRouge.info $39
“Red wine” in French (EV1Servers 12/4/2004)

VintageWine.info $39
Full page of ads at Google. (EV1Servers 12/7/2004)

WineReviews.info $49
Enom 02/07/05


BrownSugar.biz $39
WildWest 02/08/05

Cabernet.biz $49
Enom 04/29/05

CoffeeClub.biz $69
Enom 02/24/05

Concessions.biz $149
Concessions stands are huge business. WildWest 05/16/05

DailyGrind.biz $79
Nice coffee domain. Enom 03/15/05

FatFree.biz $49
HUGE market! Taken in all major extensions. Enom 01/14/05

FineWine.biz $299
BlueHill 06/01/05

Frozen.biz $69
Frozen food industry in massive. Taken in almost all extensions large & small. Enom 01/12/05

Fudge.biz $299
A worldwide favorite! Paid ads galore at Google! Enom 01/13/05

Gingerbread.biz $49
Name used by a lot of businesses to0. Enom 01/31/05

GourmetCoffee.biz $99
Enom 02/23/05

Growers.biz $99
WildWest 04/29/05

Meal.biz $99
Food domains don’t get any more basic than this! Over 16,000 in OT. Enom 01/23/05

OrganicFarm.biz $49
WildWest 03/15/05

Sausages.biz $99
14,000 in OT – tons of meat processors in this business. EV1 01/13/05

Watermelon.biz $99
One of the world’s most popular fruits and the name of many businesses as well! Over 11,000 in OT. WildWest 01/13/05

Winemakers.biz $49
WildWest 01/26/05


Cajun.us $199
Over 11,000 in OT. Enom 04/28/05

Eatery.us $79
Enom 06/01/05

HomeGarden.us $149
Over 127,000 in OT!Enom 05/12/05

Pita.us $99
Popular sandwich as well as acronym for “pain in the ass!” WildWest 05/29/05

TeaTime.us $79
Well-known term perfect for tea sales. Enom 04/30/05

WineReview.us $49
Definitive name for an American wine review site. (GoDaddy 3/28/2005)

WineReviews.us $39
Definitive name for an American wine review site (GoDaddy 3/28/2005)

Post SOLD in this thread to claim domains (this list is being made available in several venues so all domains are subject to prior sale). Time stamp on posts will determine who made the first claim. Payment to be made within 24 hours by PayPal (U.S. customers can also use any major credit card).

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