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58 Geographical Locations in .INFO + Real Estate Domains, Incl. Maricopa.info

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Here is a new SALE LIST with 58 domains featuring Geographical Places & Real Estate Business domains (which often go hand in hand). Most of these names are taken in all surrounding extensions and have excellent search numbers. The domains are available at these prices during the next 48 HOURS ONLY. All come with a free push at the registrar indicated (expiration dates are also shown). Where Overture #’s are shown, figure is for the word or term without extension.



Allegheny.info $149
The county Pittsburgh is located in and a well known mountain range. Over a million page refs at Google. Dotster 05/21/05

America1.info $49
Enom 03/19/05

Antioch.info $99
There are too many of these to count – over 5,000 in OT. (Dotster 01/09/05)

AtlanticCoast.info $99
Great regional name used by tons of companies. Enom 03/23/05

BocaGrande.info $69
Florida resort island famous for tarpon fishing. (EV1Servers 11/15/2004)

Brimfield.info $69
Famous Mass. Town known to antiqute collectors worldwide. Enom 03/25/05

BucksCounty.info $99
Historic tourist area outside Philadelphia (Enom 11/29/2004)

Calistoga.info $199
Historic and popular Napa Valley California resort area(EV1Servers 11/14/2004)

Celina.info $49
A city name as well as a female first name. (Enom 11/14/04)

CitrusPark.info $49
Tampa Florida suburb (Enom 12/17/2004)

CityIsland.info $39
New York, Florida & other states have one by this name. (EV1Servers 9/24/2004)

ClearwaterBeach.info $299
Very popular resort town on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Over 15,000 in OT. (Enom 02/13/05)

CrystalSprings.info $69
Towns and businesses by this name in many states (EV1Servers 12/9/2004)

FernandinaBeach.info $199
Popular Florida resort community on Amelia Island, growing by leaps and bounds. (EV1Servers 11/14/2004)

Gaza.info $199
Pivotal Middle Eastern hot spot. (Enom 11/14/2004)

Grayling.info $49
Famous Michigan hunting area. (Enom 12/23/2004)

GreenIsland.info $29
Australia and other locations have one. (EV1Servers 9/24/2004)

GreenMountain.info $79
Popular Vermont vacation area. Over 3,900 in OT. (Enom 01/31/05)

GreenMountains.info $69
Dotster 03/22/05

HiddenHills.info $39
Enom 03/30/05

LakeMead.info $149
Famous Nevada recreational area. 18,000 in OT! (EV1 01/14/05)

LongboatKey.info $299
Popular Florida Gulf Coast resort island (EV1Servers 11/24/2004)

Manatee.info $299
Over 9,000 in OT. A popular sea mammal and a county on Florida’s Gulf Coast (Dotster 11/29/2004)

Maricopa.info $399
The 4th most populous county in America! Over 3 million residents. Phoenix is located here. Over 1 million page refs at Google. Dotster 05/21/05

MohawkValley.info $49
Well-known central NY State area. Enom 04/04/05

MorroBay.info $199
Famous California resort area, Over 8,000 in OT. (EV1Servers 11/20/2004)

MountDora.info $149
Florida’s famous antique community (EV1Servers 11/15/2004)

MyFlorida.info $249
My Florida appears on all Florida license tags. Next best thing to Florida.info WildWest 05/05/05

PalmBay.info $99
Florida town & popular business name (EV1Servers 11/15/2004)

PalmCoast.info $99
Another well-known town in Florida taken in virtually every extension you can imagine. (EV1Servers 11/24/2004)

PalmHarbor.info $99
Still another of the Florida “Palm” communities, this one in the Tampa Bay area (EV1Servers 11/15/2004)

ParkPlace.info $79
Used by many businesses. (Enom 11/30/04)

PineBluff.info $199
Well known Arkansas community – over 55,000 population. Enom 05/26/05

PinellasCounty.info $79
St. Petersburg, Florida is located here. (Dotster 12/13/2004)

SandKey.info $49
Florida barrer island. Dotster 05/05/05

SarasotaFlorida.info $99
20,000 in OT! Popular Florida Gulf Coast resort community (EV1Servers 11/24/2004)

Seaboard.info $49
Enom 04/09/05

Sebring.info $199
Central Florida town famous for its 24-hour auto race (EV1Servers 11/15/2004)

SouthSeas.info $99
Over 14,000 in OT! (Enom 11/29/2004)

StoneMountain.info $199
Famous Georgia tourist attraction. Over 31,000 in OT. (Enom 12/3/2004)

SurfCity.info $199
There are several, including California & North Carolina. Great business name too. (Enom 11/15/2004)

Talladega.info $149
Alabama home of the world’s fastest speedway. Over 6,000 in OT. (Enom11/7/2004) - Plus you get Talledega.info (common misspell at no extra charge). (Enom 11/5/2004)

TarponSprings.info $199
Florida Gulf Coast resort community – may develop this ourselves as it is in our backyard. (Enom 11/14/2004)

TreasureCoast.info $69
The name of a popular section of Florida’s Atlantic coast (EV1Servers 11/5/2004)

VillageGreen.info $79
Used by a ton of businesses too. BlueHill 06/30/05

WalnutStreet.info $49
Famous street in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Dotster 04/03/05

Real Estate


AllRealEstate.org $25
(Enom 7/15/2004)

FloridaLand.org $69
There is a never ending demand for Florida property. Full page of ads at Google. Taken in all major extensions. (Enom 4/13/2005)

IllinoisHomes.org $39
Over 28,000 in OT! (Dotster 7/22/2004)

LakeProperty.org $99
Over 31,000 in OT! (Enom 4/1/2005)

Land4Sale.org $19
(Enom 7/16/2004)

TampaHomes.org $49
(Enom 5/26/2005)


ModelHome.info $149
Definitive high ticket term. (EV1Servers 12/8/2004)

ResidentialProperty.info $79
Excellent for a property management firm (EV1Servers 12/1/2004)

SarasotaHomes.info $49
(EV1Servers 11/24/2004)


CustomHomes.biz $399
Gigantic market – full page of ads at Google. Not likely you will ever see this important term in a true global TLD at this price again. (Enom 12/18/04)

Foreclose.biz $49
(WildWest) 12/24/04

RentalHome.biz $299
Over 357,000 in OT! (WildWest 01/21/05)

Post SOLD in this thread to claim domains (this list is being made available in several venues so all domains are subject to prior sale). Time stamp on posts will determine who made the first claim. Payment to be made with 24 hours by PayPal (U.S. customers can also use any major credit card).

You are also invited to visit our two sales sites: www.BrandsPlus.com for Com-Net-Org and www.NewNames.info for Biz-Info-US. Feel free to make an offer on anything you like. You will find more than 4,500 domains to choose from.

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