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Mar 28, 2004
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Everything must go! Trying to raise some money for a new project, so here are some domains that I'm sure someone will get a good use out of!
Posted at other forums. Payments will be made through PayPal.
Perfect for a picture rating site.
[Registered at NameCheap, expires 05/08/2005]
Price: $20 - SOLD!
Provide DLL's for download, easy potential hits.
[NameCheap, 12/20/2004]
Price: $30
Provide information on the Playstation X (actual PS product).
[GoDaddy, 12/5/2004]
Price: $9
Open a free forum hoster like or InvisionFree.
[GoDaddy, 6/25/2005]
Price: $45
I'm sure there are a lot of potential Kerry bashers out there :)
[GoDaddy, 4/6/2005]
Price: $35

Pending sale for "" - unless theres a higher offer in a few days.
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