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Russian Cities:

Only one of these will be sold .. Once / If one is sold the sale is over.
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All of these cities have a population of well over 1 million people.

самара.net -- Samara
Samara (Russian: Самара) is one of the largest cities in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is situated in the southeastern part of European Russia, the Volga Federal District, the administrative center of Samara Oblast. Its geographical location is 53°14′N, 50°10′E. Population: 1,157,880 (2002 Census); 1,254,460 (1989 Census).
6th Largest City in Russia by population
Wordstat -- 393,982

омск.net -- Omsk
Omsk (Russian: Омск) is a city in southwest Siberia in Russia, the administrative center of Omsk Oblast. It is the second-largest city in the Siberian Federal District. The distance from Omsk to Moscow is 2,700 km.

In the Russian Empire, it was the seat of the Governor General of Western Siberia, and later of the Governor General of the Steppes. For a brief period during the Russian Civil War in 1918–1919, it was proclaimed the Capital of Russia, and held the imperial gold reserves.

Omsk is the administrative center of Siberian Cossacks, the see of the bishop of Omsk and Tara, and the imam of Siberia.
7th Largest City in Russia with a population of 1,134,016
Wordstat -- 160,988

челябинск.net -- Chelyabinsk
Chelyabinsk (Russian: челябинск) is a Russian city just to the east of the Ural Mountains, on Miass River, at 55°03′N, 61°08′E to 55°19′N, 61°17′E. It is the administrative center of Chelyabinsk Oblast. Population: 1,077,174 (2002 Census). It is served by Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport and Chelyabinsk Shagol Airport.
9th Largest City in Russia by population
Wordstat -- 278,946

уфа.net -- Ufa
Ufa (Russian: уфа) is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. Population: 1,036,026 (2005 est.); 1,042,437 (2002 Census). Geographical location: 54°45′N 55°58′ECoordinates: 54°45′N 55°58′E.

Ufa is one of the industrial centres in the Western Urals area, and is situated at the confluence of the Belaya and the Ufa Rivers. Industries include electrical and mining equipment, oil refining, petrochemicals, synthetic rubber, and processed foods. The Ufa Airport connects the city to several towns in Russia, as well as to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey and Uzbekistan. There is also the smaller Ufa Maximovka Airport northeast of the city.
11th Largest City in Russia by population
Wordstat -- 258,223

казань.net -- Kazan
Kazan (Russian: казань) is the capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, and one of Russia's largest cities. It is a major industrial, commercial and cultural center, and remains the most important center of Tatar culture. Kazan lies at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka Rivers in central European Russia.
8th Largest City in Russia with a population of 1,105,289
Wordstat -- 268,281

нижний.net -- Nizhny
Nizhny Novgorod (Russian: Нижний Новгород), colloquially shortened as Nizhny, is the fourth largest city in Russia, ranking after Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk. Population: 1,311,252 (2002 Census); 1,438,133 (1989 Census). It is the economic and cultural center of the vast Volga-Vyatka economic region, and also the administrative center of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and Volga Federal District.
4th Largest City in Russia by population
Note: Нижний is the shortened colloquial version of this city
Wordstat for Нижний -- 338,605
Wordstat for нижний новгород (The full version) -- 231,586


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