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Oct 7, 2002
Here are 8 sites I would like to sell. $30
Perfect name for this site. Very very easy to remember. Site doesn't look great without content, but you can list all your names there, posting is free. You'll remember this name tomorrow.

--------------------------------------------- $30
large site about 4 megs, these tend to get decent traffic giving the fonts away. Have also seen some do well with affiliates after people can't find what they need and they buy from the cj affiliate.

--------------------------------------------- $24
nice payperclick search engine. Can also run affilaite programs, featured on site, and it has several feeds with the outside feed being from searchfeed. You can make all internal or turn on whatever feeds you need. It has dmoz feed so it will mostly have most any results you need and nice place to promote your sites as you can fund your own accounts.

----------------------------------------------- $22
this is a dcb reseller site where you earn 25% of sign up(no templates/sites) are included but that means the smallest commission is I think $19 something. Obviously name is perhaps made up but very brandable.

----------------------------------------------- $25
in this case its okay to help cheat. Common term among some in school. Video game cheat site of course. Seen a few of these populated and this site could be huge.

All names are new and at enom, of course that means no traffic or sales. If you have any questions just let me know. Prices are somewhat firm, but let me know and I will consider, especially if interested in more than one site. All sites are turnkey and sure most have seen them before. Think my names are worth the price in most cases. Thanks much for looking.
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