$92 made @ DomainSponsor, Oct/Nov

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Feb 19, 2003
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December 8 update:

This name has now been SOLD! Thank you very much to the buyer, and also to all who inquired and to the various people that made offers.

(This could not be posted in the Domains with Traffic due to the restrictions there, but according to a mod I asked, posting it here -and worded like this- was OK)

Hereby the October/November stats for one of my domain names, parked at DomainSponsor:
October/November 2004 > $92.18 total. Plus, find the stats for Dec. (so far) here as well; an average of $2.20 a day, which -if it continues like that- would mean the name could make $70 or so this month!

The name in question is a 10-letter .COM (no hyphens/numbers) related to mobile phones.
I'll PM you the name upon request if you post in this thread that you're interested.

Prior to October, the name made me an average of $10 per month. I can't explain the recent excellent increase of revenue; I assume it has to do with DomainSponsor's highly improved optimization.*

Anyway, I am open to offers (US Dollars, PayPal) and may sell if I get an offer I like. As stated, I will PM you the name if you are interested and request it in this thread!

Provide And Prosper!

*Only post in this thread to request the name's name, and to make offers. This thread is not for speculation (etc.) about the name, like how much money it may make in the future and stuff.
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