.com 99 DAO Domains For $99 A Pop | Limited Offer | RavenDAO.com, DukeDAO.com, MooseDAO.com, SwagDAO.xyz, InsigniaDAO.com ..

All dot com domain names for sale are contained within this thread.


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Mar 30, 2020
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Hello, I have sold USD 5-fig worth of DAO domains in 6-7 months holding time. The hottest extensions are .com and .xyz. My top sale is VacaDAO.com which went for $4,888 just 1 month since handreg. I have sold 10 DAO names in total to end users for over $1,000+ per domain on average. Now I'm selling my top $x,xxx DAO names for just $99 to resellers. For you, that's a golden opportunity! Buy now:
  • ANIMALS: RavenDAO.com MooseDAO.com ChimpDAO.xyz GiraffeDAO.xyz HamsterDAO.xyz ScorpionDAO.xyz MustangDAO.xyz RaptorDAO.com DingoDAO.com SparrowDAO.xyz PiranhaDAO.com CondaDAO.com HuskyDAO.com, PiggyDAO.com LarvaDAO.xyz ToucanDAO.xyz PumaDAO.xyz JaguarDAO.xyz StagDAO.xyz BisonDAO.xyz CockDAO.xyz PythonDAO.xyz HoundDAO.com
  • FANTASY: InsigniaDAO.com ExcaliburDAO.com DemonDAO.com WitchDAO.com MerlinDAO.com LuciferDAO.com PaladinDAO.xyz DestinyDAO.xyz AltarDAO.com SpookyDAO.xyz PoisonDAO.xyz CitadelDAO.xyz LabyrinthDAO.xyz TorchDAO.xyz MafiaDAO.xyz TombDAO.xyz AmuletDAO.com PentagramDAO.com CharonDAO.com ForgeDAO.xyz TotemDAO.xyz
  • FOOD: HamburgerDAO.com KimchiDAO.xyz KariDAO.xyz LatteDAO.com LollipopDAO.com DoughDAO.com NougatDAO.com MuffinDAO.com BagelDAO.com AvocadoDAO.xyz PeanutDAO.xyz
  • HISTORY: DukeDAO.com PapyrusDAO.com NapoleonDAO.com NukeDAO.com AcropolisDAO.com OlympiaDAO.com MinotaurDAO.com MorganDAO.com GothicDAO.com GladiusDAO.com BrutusDAO.com MohawkDAO.com CassandraDAO.com
  • NATURE: NestDAO.xyz BoneDAO.xyz MagmaDAO.com OrchidDAO.com NiagaraDAO.com CedarDAO.com LaurelDAO.com SavannaDAO.com
  • TECH & SCIENCE: SignatureDAO.com HeliumDAO.com LaserDAO.com KernelDAO.com KappaDAO.com ShockDAO.com MavenDAO.com MilestoneDAO.com OzoneDAO.com EurekaDAO.com BigBangDAO.com
  • SPECIAL: SwagDAO.xyz BuffettDAO.com LibreDAO.com LoungeDAO.com MagnumDAO.com BladeDAO.com HipsterDAO.com TenorDAO.xyz ReggaeDAO.com LeonarDAO.com VertexDAO.com
This is a special offer for the domain reseller community, and I can stop it at any time without previous notice (e.g. when I sell a DAO domain to an end user via BIN of $x,xxx - I tend to sell 1-2 domains a month) by changing my domains' prices from reseller wholesale prices of $99 to end-user prices such as $2,888, $4,888 or $9,888 without previous notice. The domains may also be sold to someone else by the time you decide to buy. To check if a domain you are interested in is still available for the investor-friendly $99 price, DM me.
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