A well promoted Domain + (Ebook Right, and Free Twitter Account of 28,652 followers)

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Jan 31, 2009
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Hello folks. A well formatted proposal is ready to Download Here . Please go through PDF (specially page 4 & 5) and you may pass it whoever you like. It will help me a lot.

This domain is very near to my heart since I joined Dnforum. These days, I'm facing financial problems and currently I'm seriously short of USD 1,900 for emergency reasons. Therefore, I'm ready to give up the domain, the ebook right, and the twitter account with 28k+ followers (free) for USD 1,900 if no other bidders is interested to buy at higher price.

Regarding FREE Twitter Account : It is an authority twitter account; it is not like other manipulated twitter accounts or purchased bot followers. I spent countless hours for last 4 years. I remember the days when I used to open multiple tabs in browser to follow the accounts to gain good followers through this on daily basis. In addition, few hundreds of amazing verified twitter profiles are following this account. Here is the verified followers list that are following the account back. You can check whether they are following me back through doesfollow.com. Last not but least there may be a thousand of domainers who are following this account back. According to my knowledge, this twitter account has the highest number of domainers followers that I have seen so far now. Selling Twitter account is against TOS of Twitter. So, this account is embedded FREE with the domain purchase. And you can modify username, email, anything you want.

I assure you that I have spent more than 10k worth of my time, energy and money behind all above.

Starting Bid: USD 1,900
BIN: USD 9,999
Deadline: 20th June, 2013

PM Me with offers

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