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Sep 13, 2003
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0 is an ever-growing successful 1 year old gaming community, with a lot of active members. We offer new advertising spots. If gamers of all ages are your target audience, your benefits will be huge. Our current advertising pricing:

GamesTalks Homepage, Sponsors Box:
Text link - $50/month (only 5 text-link spots available)
120X60 banner (same as deepshark at the moment. One available)- $100/month

Text link + 120X60 banner at the Sponsors Box + 728X90 banner as Google AdSense
alternate ad (When there's no suitable ad by google this banner will apear.
Google doesn't collect stats about alternate ads, but it's estimated by a
few thousands of impressions per day) - $200/month

728X90 banner as Google AdSense alternate ad - $150/month

Any other combos can be built by your request You can check the site's rating in alexa / google (PR6)

July 2004 main statistics: 7,560,132 hits , Total Unique Sites (unique
visitors) 148,285

Contact: PM, Reply, Or Email:
Best Regards,
Eyal A.
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