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Afternic Appraisal Board has been removed

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I noticed this, later this afternoon. Well, I don't think it's a big loss to be totally honest.. I think all of us will get more productive work done, with it gone..

I'm sure afternic will end up as a virtual broker and little else - by design.


Mr Domeen
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Mar 30, 2002
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Originally posted by WandaMay
I noticed this, later this afternoon. Well, I don't think it's a big loss to be totally honest.. I think all of us will get more productive work done, with it gone..
It`s not a problem for me? Is it one for You?

No certainly not a problem Snoopy.. actually, a needed blessing.

I would like to see the DNformum have a section in the members profile arena, in which members could post the names they own..
this would be an enhancement. What do you think?

David G

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Apr 15, 2002
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Hi Wanda, You were really waisting far too much time doing zillions of appraisals on Afternic so it's a blessing in disguise if it's gone the way of Forums and Chat!

Do you realize several An'ers did as many as 20,000 appraisals, involving hundreds or thousands of hrs of unpaid work - for what?

Why do all that work with so little appreciation, especially from the creeps who run AN. I will be removing my Afternic Profile and trying to get my $10 (LOL) refund from them after the way the screwed everyone and I lost my 400 posts what with them shutting it down with no notice!

AfternicSucks.com is sure appropriate.

By the way, what do you think of my suggestions for this forum which I posted on the Feedback Area today?

Yes, I understand what you are saying.. and thank God, I only joined on Jan 1 of this year, and only gave 3.5 months of my time, in which I could have put more positive energy into other worthy projects.. (like the crap of paperwork on my desk) LOL
Yes, I believe the forums & chat are good. (i'm not a big 'chatter'.. but.. the forums are good, as you can go back and review posts etc..)
I hope you have luck removing your porfolio.. they may have blocked that access too.. & good luck on the $10 bucks. LOL

So basically Anic is an empty ship right now.. floating away at sea.. and just think of the bucks that Registar.com paid for Anic.. my.. my..

They must have some other 'mission' for Anic.. I just can't see them paying that kind of money, with the # of active members etc.. and then shutting the doors... I mean, Registar.com is NOT hurting for funds.. they are in the positive on the books.. so Anic was not a 'cost' too them.. so, I'm really puzzled about the abrupt closure, with no notice to the faithful's who put their time in..

Sure.. we were all discouraged, cause they were doing nothing to 'drive in the buyers'.. which was my 'voice' from the 2nd week I arrived there..

but, maybe it was the plan all along.. they didn't want to drive in buyers.. because, this kind of 'corporate' action is not a decision one wakes up with and say's 'today we'll shut down Anic'.. i am certain.. it was in the works for a good time.. long before I ever arrived to Anic.. but it was the 1st thing i noticed after being there active in the community for 2-3 wks. No buyers..

I will go back and review your Feedback posts.

Several days ago I spent hours here, prior to joining.. and I read every word of every post..
And that's what's good about a Forum.. you can go back and archive the posts.

I'll be back!


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Apr 6, 2002
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Good Luck, Real Names ...

I dont think that you can remove your profile.. or your names probably.

AN will do it for us soon enough, if they bring in the pay per listing thingy thats rumored.

As for your $10 .. or was it $5 .. you have more chance to win the lotto .. :)

I just removed my CC info and changed my personal info. I could care less about the domains left listed.

Originally posted by stuff

It`s not a problem for me? Is it one for You?

:) Sorry Stuff... i addressed you as Snoopy.. in the previous post here..

I just realized that.. i'm laughN..
cause.. maybe now.. we should call ya SnoopyStuff ??
hey.. that's got a catchy ring too it.. ya know!

anyways, i apologize for the error!

BTW... how did that major term paper turn out? you were
running against time ont that project... you must live on
the edge?? :laugh:

I think its pretty unforunate that alot of people spent countless hours of there in an excercise which acheived very little, in end it was all wiped of the face of the internet in a few seconds!

Just shows what afternic.com thought of its value :)

In fact the only reason for its existence seemed to be to give new members unrealistic views of the values of names, so i think its good that its gone.

All we need now is for greatdomains to stop their nonsense appraisal service and make sellers list for realistic prices :)
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