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closed Afternic appraisal board is long gone - what a waste of time & effort

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Apr 15, 2002
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Any other Appraisal Boards out there members are using, both free and paid domain appraisals? Which ones are the best and most realistic in values, without the insane values given by the AN members?

There is a slim and none chance of AN bringing the appraisal boards back. Afternic.com appears to have been changed to a mostly Automated BOT and will no doubt stay that way. It's alleged Register.com did not like all those negative posts hurting their corporate image.

Regarding Michellel ranking 4th on the all-time appraisal list at AN. Do you realize all the time and energy wasted by you top four? How long does it take to appraise and submit all those names! What a waste, you must be mad as hell at afternic.

Instead of doing it free, even if you could have got a fee of about $15 per name you appraised, it would have paid your renewal bill for 1-year or longer on your 30,000 plus domains you own.

This was found on the Internet by MattyP if I recall correctly, and posted here before - "The Top Afternic All Time Members who have appraised the most number of unique domains. Eliahu 25890, Domaindirk 22861, barry331 21000, michellel 17666."

Do you think it was an anomaly your afternic appraisals ended at 17(666), the mark of the devil in the Bible? :laugh:

Originally posted by Michelle Well, I don't know who the hell, michellel is, but I think that the AN APPRAISAL BOARD will be back :p (CallMeStupid)

LOL. By the way, why do you deny being michellel in your dnforum post quoted above :confused: in reply to the top appraiser list posting? Just wondering. That was and is your afternic user name. It has been verified with 100% certainty that's your name at AN.

What other Appraisal Boards are out there now that Afternic Appraisals are long gone?
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