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Afternic join the trend for making money from traffic

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Seems afternic are jumping on the PPC bandwagon:


This is from the email they sent:

Afternic is about to change parking forever.

Many Afternic members have told us that at least part of their portfolios of domain names points to our name servers, so we thought you should know about our new parking page.

First, parking your names with Afternic will still be FREE. We have no plans to charge for this service.

Second, our parking page will still work as hard as ever to sell your names, leveraging the proven power of the Afternic Virtual Broker (AVB) to stop buyers in their tracks and help them send you legitimate, qualified offers. You probably know that the AVB has emerged as the most effective domain selling tool on Afternic…maybe even on the entire Web. So we’re counting on even more offers and sales from our parked pages.

Our new parking page will also improve viewers’ experience by providing a directory of links to help lost visitors find relevant sites and offers. And as we continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our parking page, we’ll keep making changes from time to time, building the strongest parked page solution we can. Follow the URL below to see a sample of our new parking page. We think you’ll like what you see:


· If you’re parking with us and you don’t want to reap the benefits of our new parking page, you’re under no obligation to continue parking with Afternic. Just contact your registrar and request a name server modification.

· If you’re parking with Afternic and you want to continue parking with us and take advantage of all Afternic has to offer…do nothing. Really.

· If you’re not parking with Afternic, but you’d like more information, just contact Trip Todd at ttodd@register.com.
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"the most effective domain selling tool on Afternic…maybe even on the entire Web"
The most effective domain selling tool is prolly your own for sale pages and anything BUT Afternic.
Their ppc page links don't even work.Great job,AN.:D

They don't work *yet* - but you can take it to the bank they'll be having a paid for partner plumbed in real soon. They'll make good money from traffic and won't be sharing it with the people who's very domains drove that traffic and revenue. Nice.

I love the bit about their doing this for free - they should be paying those that use it!
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