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An amazing NEW ad company - worth a look!

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Feb 21, 2003
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Hey all,

Just like to share a positive experiance I have had with Casale Media. They serve pop ups, banner ads and skyscrapers and pay you 70% of the cost to the advirtiser. They only pay CPM, for pop unders, its usually around $4 per CPM, depending on the location of the traffic. They have great stats tracking and it is quite easy to get into their program.

I have recieved a check from them, so I know they do pay publishers - their customer support is also high quality. You can get payment either via Paypal or by check.

I encourage you to check them out, with Adsense becomming less profitable for some, Casale could be exactly what you are looking for. Their ads look very professional - even their pop unders are not intrusive and dont load any crap onto the visitors computer.

Please try them out via my referral link:
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Thanks, I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I have - they are expected to launch other advanced forms of ads shortly as well.

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