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This is a developed site that has approximately 400-500 unique visitors per day and generates $500-$600 per month in commission from Commission Junction (cj.com). It is targeted for martial arts enthusiasts. I sell approximately $4-5K worth of products per month for my CJ advertisers. The revenue seems to be increasing every month. I believe this is due to excellent search engine rankings and repeat customers.

Try "martial arts equipment" or "excersize" on Google to name a couple.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


imo the domain doesn't have any intrinsic value, so any value it has is due to your efforts etc which makes it more of a "brand" sale than a straight domain sale.

4-500 targetted uniques with a proven buy history per day would suggest that it has very obvious appeal and value to people in that industry.

without analysing exactly how people are being drawn to it and the stability of that mechanism, its very hard to value it. I'd be thinking its worth 1-2 years profit providing the draw method is not too volatile.
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