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May 18, 2004
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Hi Sharpy,

Congratulations on the successful backorder.

It looks like you have a good name.

The first thing that came to mind as a potential problem with the name was a trademark or service mark issue. So, I conducted a search and was able to locate four service marks associated with the name “be outdoors.”

Here are the results:

All applications were for service marks and indicated the exact word mark: BeOutdoors.com.

A logo was included in the applications.

All four of the service marks are now abandoned.

These are the four filing dates and abandonment dates:

1) Filed: Aug 20, 1999; Abandoned: May 15, 2001
2) Filed: July 26, 1999; Abandoned: Sept. 13, 2002
3) Filed: July 16, 1999; Abandoned: Sept. 13, 2002
4) Filed: April 5, 2001; Abandoned; April 5, 2001

Note that an abandoned mark does not necessarily preclude all infringement claims.

So even though the name is a solid “dot com” with strong link popularity, etc, the potential service mark issues could hold some buyers back.

The link popularity is indeed a strong lure, with 1,322 links indicted on MarketLeap w/o www, and 1,437 with www.

Additionally the term “outdoors” is quite popular, with 15,500,000 results on Google and 79,718 searches on Overture.

The name has great potential and definite value.

I would say high $xxx to low $xxxx.

The service mark considerations loom, however, especially if the buyer wants to use the name in the same sector as the previous company.

Good luck!

Take care,

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