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May 16, 2008
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  • Hello
We are selling complete Webdesign Network of Our sites on sale ,we have spend allot of time & money on building this Network with the Best available domains few domains are High premium quality and aged and are handpicked and brought and developed with 100 % unique content + Designs are from the most experienced designers...we have taken a special care on the development and have never compromised on the quality

SEO & Promotion
Almost all the sites we have done SEO we have attached the seo reports for every site we have did...+ Link reports

We have purchased and promoted our sites in a aggressive manner Via Banner in and other ads via google and others.We are attaching the Traffic report for each and every site which is on sale !

All the sites are sold as a package winner will get the whole sites under this network + Free site and domain Transfer will be done by us .

Nettwork of our sites

Summary of the sites on sale
  • Alexa Rank:397,222
  • Gets good traffic naturally gets allot of submissions everyday
  • 1st page on google for web design news
  • 100 % unique design
  • Great keyword domain

  • 100 % Dedicated Forum about web design
  • Vbulltein license
  • Custom theme has been purchased & cuztomized for the site
  • Alexa: 467,555
  • there are allot of members + useful forum discussions
  • Great keyword domain

  • Completely Dedicated web design blog
  • All the articles have been purchased
  • The images used here has been purchased from
  • we have some good readers for this blog we constantly update our posts
  • Alexa:1,149,426
  • 100 % unique design
  • Great keyword domain
  • Amazing Keyword domain
  • We have right now 100 tutorials listed on various fields
  • 100 % unique design
  • Pagerank 1
  • webdesigning question anwser site
  • script has been purchased

  • Great Premium one word Dic domain
  • Aged old Gem
  • This a membership website for designers
  • we sell the products individually also
  • We have about 25 templates designed By us
  • Plus 30 web designing materials..created by us for our members
  • 100 % unique Design
  • Traffic is starting flowing..Great potential site
  • amazing keyword domain
  • alexa: 2,183,196
  • Aged Keyword domain
  • using php link directory script..we purchased it
  • 550+ active links are there in the directory

  • 434,563 Alexa rank
  • High traffic website
  • we using seo stat script to check rank..its been purchased
  • all natural traffic from searching engine
  • Highly searched keyword domain
  • We offer seo service
  • Sell pagerank domains and liks
  • we have had alot of pagerank domain sales happening here
  • 100 % unique design +we build admin panel etc to add domains and other seo service..for sale
  • Great keyword domain
  • web templates is a highly searched keyword
  • 35 + unique templates has been created and added .. ..
  • we had few sales
  • alexa : : 1,337,171
  • dedicated site for only adsense templates
  • we have regular sales happening here and steady traffic
  • Alexa 1,410,930
  • Other domains included in the package
  • with site
  • (Pr3)
Check The attachments for the traffic details
We have not sold any ads from the network,we had big plans for it but we dont have the time now,you can easily sell adds from the network of sites or use adsense and genrate High XXXX we used to sell domains ..and links..normally we sell PR domains XXXXX * profits per month,and we did have few template sales till now .
Payment Method will be only accepted
Why selling:

I really have no time to manage the i have my new offline business coming up so i will be needing funds.Any Good offers welcome

What will happen after you win
Escrow will be started..after payment submitted my technical guy will transfer the complete details to your server + domains to your a/c
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