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May 16, 2008
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We have Built for past 3 months and we took almost 1 month in clearing all the Bugs and today its a Marketplace used by 100's off members .


What is is a unique Marketplace & Discussion site for Page rank domains ,websites and links & We are also launching expiring domain tool for pagerank domains thats almost over i will get into that separately


Code/Database Optimization for High Traffic

Site coded for High Traffic

Few tables are changed completely and all of them are to be indexed. The run time for each

queries are to be minimized.

New Features/ Updates

Credits System

• At the time the user signs up, he will be granted with a minimum credit which the

admin has set. Everybody gets this minimum credit just for signing up.

• Admin can grant credits to the users manually from the user list that is shown in the

admin section.

Remember Password Feature

There will be a remember password feature such that a cookie variable will be stored next

time user logs in, unless he has signed out.

Sign Up Procedure

The sign up page will lead to two different pages, one for general membership and another for

premium membership. Premium members will have two option, annual subscription or

monthly subscription. Free membership will get the free credits as set by the admin, and will

have to upgrade for more credits.

Also there will be an email verification system with a page which says “Thank you for

registering, an Activation Email have been send to your email”, which will redirect to login

page in few seconds.

Credits Status and Avatars at the Header

Credits status and avatars shown in the header with appropriate link, avatar

pointing to the profile page; and credits pointing to the credit page. Also a buy credits link

is there.

Featured Listings and Colors

There are several types of featured listings; they will be listed according to what they are

referred to. For example, the featured listings at home page will be listed at home page, that

at category page will be listed at category page, the one with orange colors will be listed with

orange colors.

Form field changes in the Want to buy section & Links exchange sections – 4


The form filed will be changed for these two sections, and they will have the following fields:

• Title:*

• URL:*

• Subtitle:*

• Description:*

• Listing Length:*

Publishing Procedure –

After the user creates listing,there will be a page asking him to pay the credits or by paypal such that his listing will be

automatically published upon payment. If he doesn’t continue with the payment, his still will

still remain unpublished, and will have an option to publish the same listing later.

After a new listing is successfully published, there will a next page which shows

New Listing Created

Your listing "Brandable domain " has been successfully created. It will be listed on the front

page of ********* Marketplace initially, and also in the Want To Buy category

* Upgrade My Listing »

* View My New Listing »

Word press Blog with Theme

A wordpress blog has been be installed, and the posts from the blog will be shown at the home

page. A theme with matching colors and images is prepared for the wordpress blog.

Twitter/RSS –

In our network section, all the icons will be working properly along with the RSS button,

twitter and other buttons.

Phone Verification –

Phone verification system for all members.

Separate URL field at the “creating listing form” –

There will be a separate URL field for every listings. The social website data like PR will be

listed according to the URL field.

Social website Data for the domains –

Each domains will have social website data shown (data with PR, alexa, compete and

quantcast ranks, etc.).

Forum integration –

A custom build forum integrated which can be managed from Admin panel

bidding and accepting procedure – 10 hours

When a user starts an auction, No one can bid over the Bin price(which is possible right now).

When some one does bid higher, I need this message to be shown.

“Your bid is equal to, or higher than, the Buy It Now price, please either reduce your bid or

return to the listing page and choose the Buy It Now option.”

When some one bins it the user who created the auction should be notified and user will have

72 hours whether to accept or reject the Bin price.

The buyer who press buy it now buttons should be shown a message that the user has been

notified and once he accepts the Bin price you can proceed.

Fixed Price Auction

There will be bidding facility for fixed price auctions; only the fixed price will be there. Fixed

price auction can be only for website for sale and domain for sale.

Link Exchange and Want to Buy –

The listings under the above categories will be listed only, and there will be a button “PM me”

for the interaction.

Expiring Domain Section –

Expiring domains section a tool will be there. In the section,

the expiring pagerank domains from sources Namejet, sedo, snapnames,, and

godaddy will be listed.

Separate MarketPlace Page –

There will be a separate marketplace page for each of the five categories with the featured

listings under each category; and the listings in the tabular format.

Promotion and seo done

Heave promotion and seo have been done

proper seo and indexing and bookmarking have been done worth lot of $$$ has now 42646 backlinks

$500 has been spent Only on digital Point advertisement

Banners purchased (We have sponsored Seo section)

$75 ads banner space purcahsed and renewed this month from

check the screenshots of all


Membership flow has has been satidfactory as first month

100 + members in the site now

and lot premium members who have paid for posting + membership

you can manage everything from

Admin panel you can manage

Category Fields
Upgrade Prices
Open tickets
Reported Auctions
Payments Log


Email Subscribers


Almost everything


Reason for selling

I know this project is worth allot if i continue with it..but am moving to a different field and much bigger work i doubt i would have the can buy this site if your looking for a real business and investment online

In the first month 1 banner space was sold ..and membership and premium membership and posting were sold

there are few annual premium members + monthly subscribers

revenue will double as the site gets established

As heavy promotion have been done traffic is steady and flowing

Bin $2500
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