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Aug 3, 2003
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New site available, has not been promoted or used in commerce.
New owner will be responsible for setting up dropshipping arrangements with manufacturers. Manufacturers contact info is included. Any programming needed to customise to new owners specs will be new owners responsibility.

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Why is this site so great?
Because it is a drop ship business that doesn't require you to maintain an inventory. You make a good profit margin on each sale with little to no effort. The nice thing about a site like this is it is a legitimate business selling childrens toys. Tell your friends, tell the people you go to Church with, your co-workers, and have them tell their friends. You can make a nice income from it just selling to people you know. Wagons sell themselves. Do you remember when you were a child? Before Nintendo's and Sony Play Stations? If you heard the sound of a siren, it was because you were making it. Imagination powered everything. Wagons are a nostalgic toy that is powered by a child and their imagination. This is a business you can be proud of to tell your friends and not some scam like many of the businesses sold today. You aren't selling some get rich quick scam. You're selling toys. In effect, you're selling happiness. This business probably won't allow you to quit your job. But in today's society where both parents work, it could possibly let a mother stay home with her children and also work this business while the father maintains his full time job. You shouldn't have any problems making a $1000 per month. If you work it, you will definitely make more. There are many companies out there who make their living off of selling these.

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Will be sold to the highest offer over $500. US in the next 24 hours starting from the time this ad is posted or the Buy it Now price of $1,000. US .

Thank you,

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