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Can we have a section to discuss accepted alternative payment methods!

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Jul 18, 2004
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We all know that Paypal is the preferred method of Payment for smaller transactions, however as this community grows, more people including myself from non Paypal serviced countries join and would also like to get involved in such transactions.
I myself have not had that much of a problem with it as I deal mostly through escrow due to the high value of the transactions and in some cases have able to complete a smaller valued transactions with an alternative payment method.
However in many instances some members are are afraid or shy to ask potential buyers/sellers of alternatives to buying/selling or simply are not aware of other methods.
It would be beneficial to all if we find a payment method that would be accepted by all as taking into consideration that people from some countries not serviced by Paypal particular arabian gulf nations actually have deep pockets and are willing to spend.
A section on this would help us find such a payment method that could potentially be readily accepted as paypal, not that we want to replace it.
Hopefully we can start with the "BUY DNF$" section of DNF, as it only accepts Paypal.
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