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cheap registrar

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Mar 22, 2002
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there's this registrar directi.com. It's ICANN acreditted but not too popular. Maybe because they're in India..

Anyway, check out their pricing:

for individuals: $8.49

for resellers:

No of Domain Years .com/.net/.org .biz/.info
Base Price $ 6.99 $ 7.99
> 100 Domain Years $ 6.75 $ 7.49
> 250 Domain Years $ 6.75 $ 7.25
> 500 Domain Years $ 6.49 $ 6.99
> 1000 Domain Years $ 6.49 $ 6.75
> 2000 Domain Years $ 6.49 $ 6.49

looks good to me. what do you guys think?
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there could be other reasons that they arent so popular....

but other than that, I see nothing wrong with them, they seem like another GoDaddy type company.


I think that $6 is the money that ICANN will receive from each registration. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You are correct, that each gTLD domain costs $6 wholesale at the Registry. In this case that's Verisign though - ICANN doesn't get a dime :).


I stand corrected :D

My point was, that $6 is the absolute lower limit for registrars (if they want to offer for less, they lose money).


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Mar 16, 2002
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I just picked up a domain with them (flagfootball.net), I just briefly checked out thier control panel, and it was not so surfer-freindly, heh. I got lost in thier control panel, but I did register that domain with them after they responded to my question within a few hours. But thier control panel needs a little tune up.

Just curious, what happens to domains registered with X registrar if they go under?

Originally posted by timechange
Just curious, what happens to domains registered with X registrar if they go under?
When a Reseller goes under, their Registrar takes control. Since most transfers between Resellers for any one Registrar are automatically authorized, you simply transfer your domain to a new Reseller and you are fine. If your Reseller does anything that locks you out of your control panel without going through him - using ghost usernames, etc - you are stuck getting the Registrar to issue you a new username and password.

The reality is most Registrars or Resellers will sell their domain assets before they disappear. The larger ones have a fairly high value - since most people will simply renew with their existing registrar, even if the company changes out from under them.

I can't think of any ICANN registrars who have actually gone out of business without being bought out, but I would imagine there have been a few.


I understand that the OpenSRS system works this way; just curious what would happen if Stargate went under?

I know GoDaddy would transfer it all to Network Solutions!!

I have to assume that if someone with as many domain customers as Stargate or GoDaddy were in financial trouble, they would sell their customers to the highest bidder.

Certainly Verisign would be happy to write them a big check, as they have done in the past with other Registrars.

If they did not sell their properties and simply closed their doors, then the individual Registries would take control - since if you read the fine print in the Registry/Registrar agreements, domain names are really leased and not owned - with the Registry maintaining the ultimate control.

In the case of the gTLD domains, Verisign would get control anyway :(.

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