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Jun 18, 2003
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the plus side of letting others you own a potentially good domain name:

(DNF team contact me If you want this further expanded for your writing section).

Now, why on Earth would I place a name on the appraisal section, or even let you know I own it?
Simply put.
If one owns the top Tlds of a high OVT and highly desirable domain (or the single .com=king for now..), by making it public you gain a few bonuses other than simple exposure.
All newbies will rush in and get all neighboring ccTLDs without you spending a penny.
The result?
Buddy, your domain just increased in value by the simple rule #4 of domain trading (no, I will not spell out all rule #s).
of course this creates what in Greek we call a 'fouska' (=bubble). It is a technically created demand for a potential great domain name, or, even a mediocre one. The result?
Its in the numbers.
It triggers what I like to call the 'DDE' Domain Domino effect, which will make all neighboring tlds to be taken and create a virtual price increase.
However, there is no SEC or anyone to stop you here.
you are free to go along your business.
The more knowledgeable domaineers will recognize this of course, but that makes for a count of a few in a sea of many.
Who looses?
Some are bound to lose.
The lesser known ccTLD might suffer, and I say might, because eventually, once the interested party realizes their wanted domain name is taken gets aggressive and starts offering larger than real value amounts for all domains, initially thinking to secure anything, and later thinking to dominate the market with that specific name (bubble effect of DDE).
It actually works out well for everyone.
It relies on 3 very basic human instincts:
1) survival
2) profit
3) dominate

How many of you thought or actually looked for DDE to see if it s availble?
how about cctld?
how about variations of xxTLD (were xx equals your letters of choice)???
come on, dont be shy...
eu, and all kinds are still available as of now. Lets see, will that stop you, or will that make you race to get the first one u can get...
it works. Will u stand by and potentially lose this opportunity?
Or will u take action?

seek. and you shall find :)
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