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Custom Logo / Graphic Design - Risk Free

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Mar 3, 2004
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I will design professional looking custom logos or graphics for your website. You only pay if you are completely satisfied with your new images.

Why am I doing this? For one, I could use the extra money, but mainly because this is a great way to practice and improve my design skills.

I have done work for some members of DNForum and they were pleased with the results. I see no need to show my portifolio since you have nothing to lose by submitting a design request, although I will be happy to show some of my work if desired. I don't want to sell you on my past work, but yet on
the work I complete for you.

Prices range anywhere from $10 for tiny projects up to $100 for larger ones, but you have no obligation to ever purchase the completed image.

How does it work? First you submit a detailed request describing exactly what you envision for your new graphic, including resolution, color scheme, similar examples or any little detail that will help me to create an image that exceeds your expectations. Based on your description, I will give you a ballpark figure of the cost to complete your request.

I will continually upload "sample" branded images for you to view and give feedback throughout the design process, untill you are completely satisfied. If you just arn't happy with the completed image, no hard feelings. I still get my practice in. If it is the price you are unhappy with, reasonable offers are always welcome.

When you are completely satisfied with the finished product, simply send your payment via paypal and I will send your unbranded image in any formats you desire as well as the photoshop source file (.psd) for future editing.

I am looking forward to new and interesting projects. The only thing I ask is that you don't submit a request if you have no intentions of making a purchase from the start. If you are still not sure, I am giving you the benefit of letting the work speak for itself. Worst case scenario, you don't like, you don't buy it.

Please PM your detailed requests. Note that I can only accept so many projects at one time. Feel free to PM any questions.

Thank you,
Mike (guile09)
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