news launches branded gTLD .DNForum - Get your own piece of internet history today!

We are happy to announce that within a few weeks you will be able to buy your very own .DNForum domain name. We have applied for our very own branded gTLD and we hope soon to be able to sell them to our members at discounted rates. Our aim is to make it easy for domain resellers to brand their own sales listings with the DNForum moniker.

Further we hope to provide a mainstream alternative to .com domain names for ordinary end users.

Our pricing structure is transparent and easy to manage. Initial prices will be determined by your membership level here at

Gold members:
1129$ reg fee and 399$ renewal for .DNForum domain names

Platinum members:
899£ reg fee and 299£ renewal for .DNForum domain names

Exclusive members:
499€ reg feee and 299€ renewal for .DNForum domain names

Our renewal policy and pricing structure will be updated twice a year on predisposed dates available via mail inquiry (no email) at:
Office 4563
PO box Greenland
Luisburg Northpole

To reg your own .DNForum domain name please leave a note in this thread with your desired .DNForum domain name and I will check for availability.



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May 9, 2006
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Theo for you I will run our special grandfathered prices.

These are ONLY available for registrants residing in a pre-approved countries though. The list of countries is available via fidonet at hub 134Ersf#!"5E.

Please send your non refundable deposit of 400 USD to a small island close to where I am at right now.


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Oct 12, 2003
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Would that small island be Malta? :) I can look after it for you.


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Jul 1, 2004
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That was good Lars...had me going as I read it at 5am before heading into worko_O. Took me an hour of head scratching to remember April Fools:D
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