Do Affiliate programs work for domain sellers?

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Apr 8, 2002
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After months of effort, som of my own part-developed sites are now bringing in affilate rewards - I won't go into detail - that's not the purpose of this post.

I've sold a few names after promoting them into high ranking search engines positions on major search engines - and have usually got better prices because of it.

Then I added a few affiliate links - but not much happened.

Then I changed tack and took out most of the links, added my own content to the pages, incorporated only relevant TEXT LINKS and then suddenly, those commissions started to come in.

The reason I mention this? Partly to be helpful ( will show you more) and partly to let anyone with ADULT oriented names with traffic, that I've launched a new two-tier affiliate program at

Go there with confidence - there's nothing bad there - just one of the best affiliate programs around - so new that there's a GREAT opportunity for domain speculators / investors to clean up with traffic redirects (as long as it's relevant).

Have fun

Dave C
aka eggbilly
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