Does LocalWhois return correct results?

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May 21, 2002
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I'd like to get people opinion on LocalWhois database consistence.
When I've tried to compare it with DeletedDomains, DeletedDomains returned much more results.
You can try too: use word "domain" and try to find such domains deleted(now available) in the last 24hrs. Don't forget to set correct Deletion date (yesterday) in the LocalWhois form.

DeletedDomains returned a bulk of domains. LocalWhois failed to find any one.

Moreover, is not listed as deleted in LocalWhois database, meanwhile DeletedDomains returns it. is indeed available.

Any comments?
Do you know who owns the best database?

You can't check basing on a specific date, because LocalWhois doesn't publish the date a domain has been deleted on. The deletion date is published only next to deleting domains (not published on DeletedDomains) instead of next to available or on hold domains.

They are both free, I suggest to use both of them...
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