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Hi There,

Hope you are doing great.

We are on the lookout for domains to broker on our website. We are a legally registered marketplace servicing our clients with the industry's lowest brokerage of 5%. We charge zero listing fees. We will exclusively market your domain/portfolio via Portingo Newsletter and generate offers that meet your criteria.

Our buyers have previously expressed interest in 1,2 keyword domains, 4L, TLDs and other domains. We would like to know any availability of such domains in your portfolio.

Listing process of your domain/s on Portingo :
  • Registering on takes just 2 mins. You will receive a verification email from us after you sign up.
  • Please verify your email-id before proceeding to login.
  • You can either list your domains by clicking on the "Sell Assets" menu or email us your list of domains with their desired prices to . We will upload them on your behalf and tag them to your user-id.
Portingo Sales:
We recently closed various deals for our clients which we have reported on DNForum. Please take a look at the DNforum "Reported domain sales" category. /forums/reported-domain-sales.812/

Portingo Portfolios /portfolios

Looking forward to our collaboration.

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