Domain making around $3 / day

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Feb 20, 2005
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I'm selling the current domain name:
2.20€ ($2.83) / day (on an average over the 11 days of parking without counting the first 2 days which was installation days)

I don't know the exact meaning of "Vive les fêtes" in english, literally it's "Long live parties", "Hooray for parties". Maybe some of you knows "Vive la France !", well that's the same but for the parties... "Vive ..." is very popular in french.

Also the keyword used to optimize the revenue is "enfant" (child) because that was a website where the children were able to find activities or ideas to make some manual gifts for mother day, daddy day, christmas, ealings, etc.. (which are called "fêtes", parties)

This website wasn't mine, i backordered it with pool (i know it was a long time ago but, again, pool is driving me crazy)

ovt w/ext (38)
Link Pop (700++)
Revenue stats here

Note: I discovered that a lot of people were trying to reach after falling on the sedo page, that's why i'll give you also the .com (which i registered the day i backordered the .net)

Accepting offers from $750 (<9 months)
Bin is set at $1000 (<12 months)

I want to add that i'm sure the traffic will, at least, double during the mother and daddy days (this month)

I accept paypal and escrow, but will greatly prefer paypal (I am business verified)


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Sep 29, 2004
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romain said:
I don't know the exact meaning of "Vive les fêtes" in english...
Literally, it means "Long live parties", but the practical translation is more like "Hooray for parties" or "We love parties". As you say, "Vive ..." is a popular phrase in French, and can be stuck in front of just about anything to denote your support for it. As a French speaking Englishman, I can vouch that this is indeed a common and popular phrase. Good luck with your sale!
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