Domain Research Tool $120 ~!!! The cheapest price ANYWHERE! 3 LEFT!

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Sep 27, 2005
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You will not find this software for this cheap, ANYWHERE!

Before the marketing talk, Id like to first personally explain to you how much this software has helped me. Taking 10 minutes to load a veriety of lists into the scanner, a total of only 40k names, I was able to find several Google PR6, an overture domain name with extention of 535, an overture domain name with extention of 886, Several Alexa ranked domain names and MUCH more! I can provide screenshots of yesterdays findings via PM per request.

With that being said, I know its a lot, But please read the entire post.

Ready for the ultimate domain power tool?

Domain Research Tool was built to find domains with type-in visitors, search engine traffic, backlinks, PageRank, Alexa™ rank, whois details and more. It can also auto-appraise domains using user specified formulas, send bulk automated offer e-mails, track your current auctions, monitor important domains, filter incredibly large domain lists of up to 500k domain names at once, and zone files and much, much more. All with full multiple proxy support.

Domain Research Tool is the tool of choice for all domain professionals. It is trusted and used by the world's leading domain monetizaiton services, private domain investors and domain and SEO professionals around the world.​

[*]Ability to scan various search engines at the same time in bulk including:

  • Alexa (Traffic Rank / Link Popularity)
  • Google (Link Popularity / Link Saturation)
  • Google PageRank
  • MSN (Link Popularity / Link Saturation)
  • Yahoo (Link Popularity / Link Saturation)
  • Overture (Term & Domains) in all known Overture servers

DRT allows you to scan lists of up to 500,000 domain names at one time!

  • Full support for multiple proxy servers on all search engines and the ability to select which search engines should be queried via proxy. Load up to 10,000 proxy servers and D.R.T. will randomly use a proxy for each query.

  • Proxy server verification verifies proxy servers before they are used in a scan and ensures that they are functional and non-transparent. This ensures that only real and functional proxy servers get used during a scan process.

    [*]Automated domain appraisal quickly appraises domains as they are scanned using a user defined formula. Domain values can be calculated by Overture score, Pagerank, Link popularity and much more. Automated appraisals are ideal for first level offers. Patent pending D.R.T. only feature.

    [*]Automated offer submissions allow for one click submission of all offers for all selected domains. Now you can send a dozen or a thousand offers with a single click. Since domains are automatically appraised using a formula specified by the user (or the default formula) the entire offer-submission process is completely automated to ensure maximum efficiency. Patent pending D.R.T. Only feature.

    [*]Domain Alerts ensure that you never miss an important auction, renewal or domain event. Alerts are set by date and the user may also specify alert actions such as sound or pop-up. Patent pending D.R.T. Only feature.

    [*]New - Portfolio Manager - Manage all of your domains, monitor their registration status, IP, web site, resolve status and much more with the new portfolio manager feature.

    [*]New - Tabbed Navigation - New design allows for more efficient navigation of various features with separate tabs for web browsers, scan lists, watch lists and portfolios.

    [*]New - Integrated web browsers - Multiple Internet Explorer web browsers are now integrated directly into the software, each in its own tab for easier and more efficient research.

    [*]New - Schedule Automated Scans - Now you can schedule scans to start on any day at any time, automatically download and scan lists and much more. This allows for scanning of various engines when the user load is low.

    [*]New - Zone Files & Zone Changes - We now include the ability to download and filter (by keyword, length, etc) complete zone files. The following zone files are currently available (more coming soon): .Com Zone File (650 MB compressed, 3.3 GB uncompressed), .NET zone file, .DE zone file, .CO.UK zone file, .NL zone file, .NO zone file, .ES zone file, daily zone changes for .com/.net/org. Also, newly registered .com/Net/.org lists are now available.

    [*]Overture Digger allows for deep scanning of Overture based on domains generated from Overture keyword results. This extremely powerful feature can be used to find available domains in various TLDs with high Overture scores.

    [*]Search Engine Digger extracts domain and rank information based on a supplied set of keywords. This powerful feature can be used to find patterns between various domains, rankings and keywords.

    [*]Domain Watch List keeps various domain results separated from important domains the user is monitoring. Having two lists ensures that fresh scan results do not interfere with domains the user is keeping an eye on.

    [*]Domain Generator generates domains based on supplied keywords, other domains, pad files, and much more, all with a click of a button.

    [*]Domain Filtering allows for filtering out of domains based on various properties including keywords, dictionary types, dashes, numbers and much more. D.R.T. also supports loading of custom dictionary files to extract domains of various languages.

    [*]File Splitter feature allows for splitting of extremely large files, such as zone files, into smaller files supported by D.R.T. This allows for scanning of complete zone files or certain domains within the zone matching the user's filter settings.

    [*]Integrated Whois Search compatible with over 100 whois servers allows for checking of whois for virtually any domain.

    [*]Integrated Domain Lists including expired, expiring, registrar-hold and redemption period allow the user to quickly download and scan daily updated drop lists.

    [*]One Click Print Feature allows for printing of your scan list or watch list with a single click of a button. Since most printers cannot fit the entire list onto a single page D.R.T. asks the user to specify which columns should be printed.

    [*]One Click Export allows for exporting your scan or watch list into Excel, HTML, XML or text.

    [*]Simple user interface allows for quick and easy navigation no matter how complicated the scan task may be.

    [*]Powerful help file describes every feature and setting.

    [*]Frequenty Updates - We usually update our software once per week. New features are added based on requests from current users. Our software is constantly improved to help our customers. See update.txt for update and new feature history.

System Requirements
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
256 MB of RAM (512 MB Recommended)
50 MB of disk space
Internet connection (high speed recommended)
Microsoft .NET Framework (free, available here)

You can follow the link in my signature for the special pricing. You will not find this price anywhere. Along with your order I will be sending you $9Via paypal to bring your total to only $120 for this $499 value. I CAN ONLY DO THE $9 rebate to three people, however, I can sell it to as many as needed for the $129.99 price.
You will kick yourself in the A$$ if you dont do this now, Pricing will be set back to default by DRT at anytime.

With this software I was able to find many domain names of fantastic value.

Including an overture name of 575 WITH extention. Screenshot proof.

google page ranked domain names, alexa rated names, LP names and much more. ALL SHOWN IN SCREENSHOT ABOVE.

Please feel free to ask any questions via PM or email me at
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