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Nov 1, 2006
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I initially started this website to give other domainers the ability to get reseller/sub-reseller accounts at both eNom and ResellerClub. This would avoid them having to pay the large costs and/or deposits to get their reseller accounts up and running.

What is Needed
You will need a reseller account with eNom so you can setup sub-resellers under you. If you don't have one I can simply create one for you under mine. Aside from that, you'll also need an affiliate account with ResellerClub so you can refer users to them for signing up. It's completely free to get your affiliate account with ResellerClub as well.

How is Revenue Made?
The website makes revenue from a few different methods. First, you earn referral commission from anyone who creates and activates their account with ResellerClub. Secondly, eNom sub-resellers are directly under you and their pricing is slightly higher than yours. This means you'll earn a small profit from each purchase made through their sub-reseller account. Finally, the site has one or two adsense ads on it which earns a little bit of revenue as well.

How are Accounts Setup?
Accounts with ResellerClub are setup directly through their website. Just post your affiliate banner in place of mine and users signup directly through them. For eNom, a simple contact form is in place which will email you the users information. You will need to manually login to eNom in order to setup the sub-reseller account there (details will be automatically sent to them through eNom).

Traffic is coming into the site from search engines, forums and some link exchanges. Here are a few traffic screenshots:
Traffic 1 - Traffic 2 - Traffic 3

So far the site has had a couple users signup and activate their account with ResellerClub (along with a few others who haven't activated their account yet) and also makes a small amount from Adsense each month (around $1 or so). I've also created a number of sub-reseller accounts through eNom although there hasn't been much revenue made there. Here are some screenshots:
Revenue 1 - Revenue 2

BIN: $300 (includes free website transfer if needed and assistance or help with any questions you may have)
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