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Are all the .us Registrars charging $20 w/ 2 yr min?

Does anyone know of ANY Registrars
serving the .US extension,
which allow one year registrations?
Thankyou. :)
You can find cheaper than $20 a year, but the Registry minumum registration period is 2 years.

If someone is selling you a one year .us registration, they will probably own the domain in year 2 - since they have to pay the Registry for year two...

Been all over the Ostrich site. Looks good. Your deal of $14.99 X 2 is a better deal. Must the DNS hosting data be entered at the time of registering the .us name?
If you leave out a nameserver entry, we'll fill one in for you to make you legal for registration. You can always replace this later using the Domain Manager with anything you wish.

have you reg'd for yourself any .us? was just curious. i have not yet, but have a list of some worthy ones that i intend to register.
Yes I have. I actually believe in the .us TLD, and that it has a real future. I was one of the early believers - long before I got into the domain sales business - and am happy to see the TLD freed from it's former state as a delegated TLD and into the mainstream.

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