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Mar 13, 2004
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The serves that I have hosted several of my sites have recently gone so poor that I cannot imagine. I wont mention the hosting company that I bought my reseller account with, however their support is unbelievable low.

The people who I have the reseller account with have their servers based at the planet (www.theplanet.com), and recently they have informed me that their company will be merging with another. However since yesterday morning the servers have once again been down. The company claim that there is something wrong with the server and that they have been given the following message from the planet:
www.ThePlanet.com said:
The primary hard drive on this machine has failed. We are in the process of rebuilding your server.

With all honesty, I dont believe him.

I have just bought a large dedicated server which I will be using to transfer my customer's accounts to, however I am unable to do this because my old server is down... which has lasted for over 36 hours now!

What I want to know is that will I be able to contact The Planet directly, giving them my username and password as proof of identification, and request that they transfer my entire account to my new server?

The host 'claimed' that backups were made every night, week and month... however I have lost all trust has been lost within the past few weeks.
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