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DropShark Version 1.0.822.1 has been released on August 22nd, 2004.

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Jan 25, 2004
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A good news for all ,the new shark have come!!!!!!
More detailed progress informaiton during startup (honest, it's doing stuff!)
Trapped error on clicking "Forward" button in browser
Some cosmetic changes in the browser
A huge domain-selection bug that nobody had found yet was corrected. If you're running 1.0.812.1 and it crashes when you select a domain in the main list, this version fixes that.
Added a lot more prep-work for version 1.1 (nothing that you'll see yet, but it's in there!)
Increased selection and export limits to 3000 domains. There had been one user, in an early version, who was posting lists derived from DropShark (based on others' requests) to a web site and charging for access. This is why there is a limit. Please do not do this.
By request, there is a new configuration option to put the drop-date of a domain in the exported list. Many users don't want this, as they like to be able to export the list to their favorite drop-catching service, but some users have asked for it for further analysis.
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Donn't miss it.

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