dumpster is TM to Goh Afternic

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Apr 28, 2002
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Well thats one way to put it afternic :

We’re gaining headway in our effort to clean our virtual basement. We’ve been taking our time (probably because it’s still 100-degrees in Gotham), but we’ve reached a point where we can begin to sort the forgotten treasures from the dross--like the Moose Skowron rookie card in the box of dead batteries.

Auction de-listing is beginning to pay off in faster searching, fewer dead ends, and better system performance. As the program progresses, the number of out-of-date listings will drop toward zero, the number of frustrated buyers will drop with it, and the best of our inventory will become more visible than ever.

We’ll have a few annoyances along the way…like when your sister demands that all three boxes of Barbie clothes be preserved for posterity, forcing you to dig them out of the dumpster. But it’s still free to re-list names and we’re still holding the line against future listing fees.

When we’re done, we’ll have a cleaner, quicker exchange in which top properties get the attention they deserve.

Good Luck,

Peter Girard
General Manager
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