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Jan 4, 2011
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Ebola Domain Lot. Three top search terms Ebola .com domains!

These domains are in one of the hottest (and scariest) trends globally right now, with NO signs of slowing down. If you have not heard, ebola is a virus currently running rampant through West Africa and fears are growing that it will spread. It is fatal in about 60% of the cases. There has been no effective vaccine, treatment, or cure.

The words "Ebola Treatments", "Ebola Virus Symptoms", and "Ebola Virus Information" will continued to be searched worldwide as news of this virus continues to spread. It has already been featured on the,, and all the nightly news shows. Go check right now, I bet there will be stories about Ebola and its possible global spread on your favorite news site.

This is a unique opportunity to get ahead of the trend and set up a website that will provide valuable information for those seeking it about Ebola or flip the domain to someone (or a corporation) that will.

Three domains are included in this low reserve auction:
Although these domains were recently registered, the phrases already have thousands of exact match searches a month according to Estibot based on OLD stats. Domain Index appraises these domains at $1930, $1490, and $612 respectfully. Again, these appraisals are based on OLD stats. Today (18 August 2014), Ebola was a top trending item in the US according to Google trends, up over 1800 percent. This search growth will not be slowing down anytime soon and will probably exponentially grow. If you are seriously interested in these domains, I would not delay. Every day you don't get your website up or start marketing the domain to an end user could be devastating. I attach the appraisal and trending stats (note the specific term "Ebola Virus Symptoms" is up over 100%)

This transaction includes the Twitter handle @EbolaSymptoms, which I will transfer to an email of your choice after payment.

You know all those times when you say to yourself "I wish I had done . . . " after it happened. Well, this is one of those times. Don't miss out again. Get ahead of the trend!
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