Entrepreneurial Advice to Pick the Best Domain Name Brand – With Rob Rawson


Michael Cyger, Publisher of DNAcademy.com
Mar 9, 2011
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Did Rob Rawson overpay for Staff.com? What do you think?


Rob Rawson is no newcomer to owning premium domain names. He’s owned plenty, such as Athlete.com, Tasks.com and Faster.com.

So when he had the opportunity to upgrade his international staffing and jobs board from MyStaff.com to Staff.com for a price of around $400,000, he took the chance.

Hear how Rawson built his technology, named his company, thinks about the investment, and selected the best domain name based on a unique, four-step process that you can reproduce for your next venture.

Also [BONUS video below] listen to Rawson’s video that he sends to friends and Turks when evaluating domain names for his future entrepreneurial ventures using his four step process.

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