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Feb 21, 2003
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I am thinking of selling my car community: http://www.G35.ca and http://www.Nissan350Z.ca

They both run from the same message board: http://www.G35.ca/board/ which currently has 512 members and 15778 posts.

The site currently makes $150 per month from 3 individual advertisers, but has a dedicated userbase and could make much more depending on how ad space is sold.

The site and forum was created last November and is a real community, we have held 2 meets in the Vancouver area with over 25 people attending each one.

My only request upon selling the site is that the forum will stay online for at least 6 months after the site has been sold and I can remain an admin of the forums for that time. The new owner can optimize the website, forums, advertising and everything else, but I would like to remain a main part of the community.

Yearly income is around $1600-$1800, only from the banner ads on the home page and the usage of the advertising forums of the board. I am looking for offers that will convince me to sell my beloved site. I just dont have the resources to make the most money out of the userbase. I will stay on to keep interest in the site up, but the new owner could work to use affiliates or other advertisers to make hundreds per month.

I can show you proof of webstats and revenue, although revenue is a little harder to show becuase the main advertiser ($100 USD per month) pays via check.

Some search stats (OVT)
infiniti g35 - 10565
nissan 350z - 20617

If you search for "nissan350z" at Google, my site has 3 of the first 4 results.

Please send questions and offers via PM, payment should probably be made via Escrow.com for this website.

The new owner does not have to be Canadian, although they are .ca domains we should be able to work something out. We have some American users on the forums, but the majority of users are Canadian. You can get these names into your Enom account as use them like regular domains. They might have my contact info, but they will be in your account with your contact email and your property.

This is a buyer's dream site: dedicated user base, globally targeted user base, very specific topic.

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