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Mar 8, 2004
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Let me start off by saying that chances are I'm not selling. I'd just like to see what kind of offers come in from the dnforum community on my biggest website: www.epasture.com

About The Site
The site is a humor site that has 4 main divisions:
Ridiculous Products

It is run off a MySQL Database using PHP. Each laughable, brainteaser, product, and tutorial is added with little need for HTML knowledge and automatically added to the site once submitted.

The site has been up for about 6 months now and gets 200-300 unique visitors per day with no promotion beyond a link in my signature. Many of the visitors come from search engines and affiliates. Here are some terms that bring user to our site:

george castanza
getting dressed
ridiculous products
yamashita treasure
what is half of 8
george castanza words of wisdom
i live above a star and yet i never burn
grew up in the 90s
so you think you know baseball

Among others (126 strings in total). The reason we perform so well on the search engines is because we have put an enormous amount of effort into optimizing the site for search engines. Each page is programmed to change the title of the window to the title of that particular item. It is also in bold font as the first words on the page, so that helps with search engines. For example, you can see here: http://www.epasture.com/laughables3.html that the title is "Buffalo Theory" at the top, where as here: http://www.epasture.com/laughables9.html it is "Amazing Pavement Drawings". This is done all via PHP and the .htaccess file.

How it Makes Money
I've played around with a number of ways to generate income off the site and at the moment I've found what I'm doing now the best. I sell advertising spots on the site for $35-$40/mnth. So far there's always been someone interested in it. Also, I have a pop-under window that goes to PPC pages on domains that I own. At the moment it either goes to a domain that I own or a domain that one of my advertisers own and wanted included on the pop-under array. Currently the domain I have popping under, www.livepoker.us is making about $200/m. All in all, the site makes more then enough money to support itself is quite profitable.


To Do List
This is a short list of things I plan to do with the site in the near future:
- Addition of new tutorials (it is our weakest section with only 3 entries)
- Addition of a Games Section (this will take the place of "About Us" on the navigation.
- Sort entries by type. ie: In the laughables section each item has a type assigned to it as well such as "joke", "picture", "misc". I will sort links on the laughables page by section.

And of course we're always adding new content to the other sections.

If you have something you feel should be added to the site please request it via the "suggest an item" section on each item's page.

Also, we are trying to build our mailing list so if you would like to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter (sent once a month, no spam, easy to remove yourself) then please do so by signing up here: http://www.epasture.com/contact2.html

Thanks for taking the time to sift through this post. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!
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Jul 13, 2004
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Nice website, I like the design and am glad to see it was not other readymade script being sold. I missed it :)
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