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Dec 29, 2004
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Site for sale: (domain will be included)

Image Hut was established just 3 weeks ago on January 6. The website was advertised on 3 forums, Web Hosting Talk, DNForum, and FreeWebSpace. It was poor the first few days but then people started coming in, bringing a lot of traffic. I've ONLY advertised on the above 3 forums. The rest, or most of the traffic, comes from referrers and a small text on all hosted image.

There are currently 4961 images uploaded and 1429 users at the time of this post. We've received 900 uniques upto 3 days ago and that was when I decided to put the text on every hosted images. Which boost our traffic up by a whole 348 uniques, 1/3 of the total in 3 days. So in total, we've received 1248 uniques during the past 3 weeks. Below are webalizer and awstats:

We are using the PHP Image Host script, which was purchased for $50. No current stats of revenue. There is also a Paid Plan aside from the Free Plan and users have came off and on (subscribed, cancelled) during the past 3 weeks which earned me around $10 total. The script itself has a very nice backend admin system which let you manage images, users, galleries, delete image, search users, edit the pages, etc.

Currently the website is using around 45GB of bandwidth on a server of my which has a few sites on it. You can choose to stay on my server for a price per month or move to your own.

I would like to start the bidding at $100, BIN is $250. Site has a lot of potential, you can make around $30-50 dollars a month minimum selling ads once the site gets more visitors. There is an ad feature in the PHP Host Script itself. The 3 ad spots on the front site will rotate if you start adding more ads into the list.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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