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Nov 30, 2002
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Slackerhtml.com PR 8

Minimum Offer $30,000
Reserve Price: $50,000

Looking for offers of $35,000 +


Slackerhtml.com is an established website with 35,000 unique visitors/month and 120,000 pageviews/month. It links with many top sites including Webdevforums.com boxedart.com onlyscripts.com and tophosts.com/uk

PR 8 Links can sell for around $500 per link. We manage many websites and that's the average we're getting. We can't give an average because right now all text links are being sold across all of our PR 7-8 Sites. If you are an experienced webmaster you should know that this is the av erage amount you can bring in and it's well worth the price. We have many private buyers interested who are getting back to us this week. This is your chance to grab an established resource.

In addition to text links google adsense brings in around $75 month


Also for sale (PR 7)

Topratedtraffic.com Established Traffic Selling Business

For Sale: Fully Operational Traffic Reseller Website - TopRatedTraffic.com

Accept orders through Paypal and a Merchant Account

This is what is for sale:

2 Top Notch Domains - TopRatedTraffic.com (currently in use for reseller) & TopRateTraffic.com (not being used)

1 Traffic Reseller Account (This reseller account is no longer for sale, you cannot get this reseller account anywhere but to buy from a previous reseller, these accounts are rare)

Page Rank 7/10 - Fully developed PHP website integrated with paypal and an authorize.net merchant account (merchant account & paypal account not included)

Private Branded Live Stats Area (customers have full control over their campaign, in real time)

Established Network Partners (seperate from 9mp network links)
9MP.COM Network Links (inbound links without required reciprocal for 3 months, thousands of backlinks, $2,500+ value)

Search Engine Optimized Pages

Traffic Stats:
This site received about 400-700 visitors a day when it was active in Adsense and actively advertised on Bravenet.com and 9MP.COM network sites.

The site earned between $500-1500 a month, with the minimal advertising and promotion listed above. The advertising required to make this monthly income was a 125x125 on bravenet and 9mp, with very few impressions. Most of the purchases came through Adsense. An excel sheet with the adsense words will be provided so that you can start off on the right foot!

Currently the site receives 60-90 visitors a day with zero promotion, adsense campaign halted, and no advertising besides inbound links from 9mp websites.

This is the type of site that can be ran strictly on an adsense campaign, as that is all we did with it.

Terms of Sale:
All interested parties will receive a test purchase of traffic to test the quality of the traffic. This is a reseller account from Dan Grossman, so you can be assured the traffic is real. But to fully verify, a test account of untargetted visitors free of charge will be given to serious inquiries only.

We would like to request that this sale/purchase be worked through escrow.com. To setup an account, it is free. Please visit escrow.com to read about their service.

This site was purchased and developed with the intention of strictly running an adsense campaign and optimizing it for search engine traffic. The high page rank is due to inbound links. You have the option to purchase this site with these inbound links for 3 months, or purchase this site without the inbound links, which leaves the network links. Creating significant search engine traffic will also be easy for the buyer, as the high page rank makes this an easy task.

Asking Price:
We will start accepting offers no less than $3000 USD without 3 months of 9mp Network Links

With 3 months of 9mp Network Links, we will start accepting offers no less than $5000 USD.

Contact Jeff@onlyscripts.com with any questions.

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