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developed Established website looking for new owner

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Feb 12, 2004
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VCDgallery.com is looking for a new owner.

+Online since 1999, this is an original VCD movie shopping site that is profitable and successful.

+Receives over 1,000+ unique visitors a DAY.
+Google PR 5 and thousands of link popularity. Check

+Revenue: approx $1,500 per month.
+Earnings come from sales, affiliate programs and ads.

+Cost of advertising: $0.
+Only maintenance required: hosting, domain.

+Listed in all big search engines and has superb positions for major keywords.

I'll just give a few examples.
Examples on Google:
vcd movies - #1 out of 1.6 million competing sites
vcd player - #1 out of 1.5 million competing sites
vcd - #12 out of 6.7 million competing sites

And on Yahoo:
vcd movies - #1 out of 1.4 million
vcd player - #2 out of 2 million
vcd player software - #1 out of 1.3 million
Even for something specific like:
star wars vcd - #1 & #2 out of 258,000

There are many more top listing for important keywords not just on Google and Yahoo.
E.g. 'vcd movies' gets #2 on LookSmart & MSN; #3 on Netscape and AskJeeves/Teoma and there's more...

+Directory listing on DMOZ & Yahoo.

+Has been featured in numerous media incl New York Times Technology section besides radio and TV.

In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that VCDGallery is one of the biggest online VCD sales site in the world. Currently serving customers in over 40 countries and has a very good reputation and no debts.

And there's still tremendous potential for growth. That's where the new owner comes in.

Your job:
1. Own the business; keep all profits earned
2. Make decisions regd business, advertising, etc.
3. Oversee operations - You get 2 staff who will run the day-to-day aspects of the business independently. No salary to be paid. You only pay them commissions based on sales orders shipped.

(I will, of course, be available to ensure a smooth transition and answer any questions you might have.)

I know someone will ask - why am I selling? :eek:k:
I am a writer and I have begun work on several major writing projects.

Serious enquiries only please. PM preferred. Only offers above USD10K will be considered.



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Apr 18, 2003
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with a spyware on the front page.. NICE!


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Feb 5, 2004
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you only get spyware installed if your browser security is not set at an appropriate level.......Or if you accept it, when prompted

However, I didnt see any spyware on the page, and didnt get prompted to install anything. But I was only there for less than 5 seconds


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Feb 12, 2004
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My browser does not report anything about a spyware. Would never put any spyware on my site knowingly. I suspect it is from the stats counter code. I use kounter.com. I have now removed it from the main page. Please click to see if it is gone VCDGallery.com

Clicknow.to, traio and others who have PM'd me ~ Thanks. I will reply to your questions shortly. Will post any relevant info on this thread for the benefit of others as well.

Here are a couple of good questions received.

Q: Can you please be more specific about the role of the 2 staff who run the "day-to-day aspects of the business" for a commission.
A: The 2 staff will handle puchasing of goods, packing, shipping, communicating with customers, etc.

Q: Do you actually have stock, or do you use dropshippers?
A: We don't use dropshippers. Upon receiving orders, we actually obtain the stocks from authorized sources and ship the goods ourselves. We don't have to keep stocks.
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