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ExoControl Gaming Panel

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Jul 20, 2004
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ExoControl.com is now under new management by NetStartz Inc. With this new management team ExoControl will be continuing to the long awaited 3.0 You can buy a license now for the 2.0 edition and get a free upgrade when 3.0 is finished. To tell you more about ExoControl...

exoGameCtl is a Half-Life control panel which allows you to update your gameserver settings in REAL TIME right from the web. It currently has the following standard features...

Server Information
Server Control (stop, start, restart)
Kick / Temp Ban (5min) / Perm Ban
Configuration / Plug-In Configuration Editor
Change RCON Password
Pre-Defined Server Configurations (CAL, OGL)
Change/Update Rules
Change/Upload/Delete Maps
Change Map Rotation
Add/Remove Admins (AdminMod)
Auto-Create autoexec.cfg for players
Access Level Calculator
Execute RCON Commands
HLTV Configuration Editor
HLTV Recording Control
UNIX Shell access via the Web (Telnet & SSH)
Local & Remote file editing (via FTP)
Speed Tests (ping/traceroute & image download)
User/Password Protection
Public Server Information

To check out all the new pricing changes please visit the forum located at http://exocontrol.rwjd.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4

If you have any questions at all please msg me on Aim at MatthewNetstartz or MSN at MatthewNetStartz@hotmail.com
Not open for further replies.

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