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Jul 13, 2004
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Hi All,

I am thinking of designing a Fantasy Sports Magazine/s Information Website to where fantasy sports players can come and find out about all the brands of these magazines that are available to them offcourse providing links to where they can be purchased. I would appreciate your opinions about offering this service and how steady income can be made.

My thoughts were approaching all of these magazine authors and offering different advertising prices to have there link included on this centralized website with different pricing options for banner sizes, text links, title banners, featured links, etc...

Another idea would be to have some sort of affiliate program with these websites if that is offered.

Fantasy Sports Magazine is a frequently used search term so I would base the site around having & forwarded directly to the main name so all three site traffic would be assumed.

Any ideas you may have to help me out would be greatly appreciated! I have been a programmer for many years, but somewhat new to website development.

Thanks in advance!


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Aug 12, 2004
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PM me. I can get you in talks with some guys that could be interested in partnership.
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