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This domain is for sale and is primarily priced based upon the traffic it receives.


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Aug 17, 2022
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Hi guys, there's always been a huge demand for Google News Approved Domains/Sites and most of them are expensive.

I've got Google News Approved Site for sale!
1660621167p-1920x1080.jpg, an autopilot Fashion blog that publishes fashion news daily.

The site is well optimised Automated News Site using WordPress CMS and Lightspeed Server. Contents are updated every hour with RSS plugins.

The site is currently for sale at $250. (Negotiable)

The site hasn't been monetized with ads or any other form of monetization yet.

Traffic: Although the site is fairly new, it has started getting visitors from search engines like Google, Bing among many others. (Check attached screenshot)

Payment: Dan (Risk free)
Delivery: Once purchased, WordPress login details along with the domain will be transferred to the new owner as soon as possible.

Google News account will also be given to the new owner i.e email account.


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