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Apr 2, 2004
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We just can't say enough about http://fastservermanagement.com

Currently we have our servers with the Planet on a Gold package. However we opted to give FastServerManagement a go to see which one was better. So we have had double duty one would think.

First of all..the Gold package with Ortbit is so limited that to install something simple from the control panerl like Curl they charge an extra $75

FastServerManagement.com not only ONLY charges $29 per month...but they do EVERYTHING...right down to backups of your entire hard drive, all software installs and upgrades, updates etc.

After 2 months with them I am more than impressed. I've been pushing the envelope to see if how far their support will go. I'm so shocked at all they will do for $29 a month. All the work I have had them do would cost me well into $750 via Orbits support. Orbit charges $20 a month just for the backups.

I'm not affiliated with FastServerManagement.com in ANY way. However, if a company treats me good then I'm as loyal as can be and will pass along the information for others.

If you have been looking for a solution to managed servers...this is by far the BEST deal around. I'm going to drop Orbits extra $50 a month for gold support and just go with FastServerManagement...

Hope this helps people searching for managed servers.
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