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This is a service that charges that charges a small fee but the benefits are excellent. Services below!


Mark Alert
Monitor and be Alerted with Mark Alert whenever any word is used in a new domain name. Mark Alert also alerts you when your word is found in a domain that is expiring.

Silver Limit: 10 Alerts.
Free Member Limit: 1 Demo Alert.
Reverse IP Lookup
See all COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, and US domains on any IP address. Also included is how many DMOZ & Yahoo Directory entries each domain has.

Silver Limit: 1000 Domain View.
Free Member Limit: 3 Domain View.
Whois History
View the Complete History of a domain's Whois Record. We store all whois records that visitors of Whois Source have viewed over the years. We have records going back to 2001.

More Suggestions
The Name Spinner gives you 5 times as many suggestions with Silver Membership. When logged in as Silver click on the addtional suggestions link after seeing the default 20 suggestions and see an additional 80 great names.

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