For sale: One of the littlest domains ever:

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Mar 23, 2006
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I'll have to put this domain in large font just so you can see it: is for sale.

So how cool is this: It's not just tied for the shortest in letter length (1-letter domain + 2-letter extension) but it is in fact tied for the shortest possible in PHYSICAL length. .tl is the physically shortest extension that allows single-letter domains, and since i is just as physically short as l, is tied with for the shortest possible domains in physical length. Why is physical shortness good? Conserving the space of your tweet, text messages, etc. for all those tiny little mobile screens out there. Hell, just LOOK at the difference:

The really cool thing about this domain is that despite containing only 3 freakin' letters, it STILL manages to be brandable as what it is - "little".

So, what do you do with it? URL shortener, social bookmarking, social media site like a or a Facebook, or even run it as an extension. On that note, try this on for size: is SHORTER than .com, .net, and .org in physical length!


The beauty of it is that given how extremely short it is, it would be reasonable to reserve the shortest sub-domains as well as premium keyword sub-domains and charge money for them, either on a monthly/annual basis or one-time fee. You could do that regardless of what kind of site you put it on and you're bound to get takers for it because people can't pass up extremely elite URLs.

On top off everything, when I originally got this domain, I was inspired to make a social-friendly logo for it, which I can include in the deal.

Seeking offers starting from $x,xxx. BIN may be determined later, if of course I don't get an offer too good to refuse. :)

Payment terms: We accept payment through PayPal upon approval (generally you must have 30+ feedback here and we MUST approve you before you can use this method), bank wire or escrow via or Post or PM offers, or if there is a BIN amount specified, post or PM SOLD to buy - timestamp determines who gets a name if I receive multiple communications. All sales are final. Multi-forum/site post.
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