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Nov 8, 2002
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Feedback: 0 / 0 / 0 forum is for sale. This forum is the “unofficial vbulletin hack site” , it is no way affiliated with Vbulletin or Jelsoft.

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Domain is registered with Wild West Domains and will be pushed into a free account that you setup. The domain expires: Sep 14 2004

My partner and I are selling this site, due to other project obligations, and can not provide the attention the site deserves.

What you get:

Entire site
Custom Vbulletin Design
Modified (hacked) Vbulletin files
Forum database.

We will help the new owner transfer all files and get the forum & Database setup on your host or you can continue to host with us for an additional fee. We will host the site for up to 1 month until you decide to either move site or keep it with the current host.

Google adsense is currently on the site, but has not made very much. This site has had no paid advertising. Traffic comes from word of mouth, search engines, and links from other pages. I'm sure you could sell advertising and make more money off the site.

There was a planed portal for the site, but is unfinished, if the new owner would like it we could finish the portal and have it up and running.

Portal can be seen here:

We are looking for $400 for the site without the VB License or $500 with the Vbulletin license. We will not sell the Vbulletin license on it’s own so please don’t ask.

Payment Terms: Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, or (If using fees will be split)

Please e-mail me or PM me if you have any questions: Support [at]

This has been listed on multiple fourms.


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