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free 2 or 3-letter lists. yes free

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Hi this is SeroOhero aka Serothehero. Someone said to me from this forum that I only milk people for knowledge and I do not share anything. :mad: Now look at this address


and read all of the web page. If you like this program I am going to give you a text file of any 2 or 3 letter domain name list arranged for you.

This free offer is good for the first 5 people.

1. read the http page.
2. send me email to [email protected] stating what list you want. It could be all 3 letter combis. Anything u name it for 2 or 3 letters.
3. I ll reply with txt. file attached to you.
4. Only thing I want back is then reply this post and write what do u want.


PS: I am at home now and will mail your list on monday from work since the program installed at work, but you can send your wish right now. and if you have time look at my other offers from the http page.
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i hate to be mean...but that was a waste of a thread

that's the most useless program I have ever seen...try domain name analyzer professional edition...that's the best program for making templates... http://www.findgoodnames.com/prof.htm
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